It was on Friday 31st May at Polzeath beach that saw a group of Launceston Road Runners take on the Polzeath 10k, part of the summer series of runs.  This run has some spectacular views, especially on a lovely evening like we had.  The downside of spectacular views is they generally involve a bit of a climb to see them, this was certainly true for this run. 

With a beach start we headed across the sand to a set of steps which took us up onto the narrow trails of the coast path.  With a few good up hill sections early on we found some of the amazing views that we had been promised, if you could appreciate them while gasping for air after the climbs.  With a gentle 2nd mile we hit the main climb of the run, this took us up towards a headland where we ran and climbed a circuit around it before heading back further along the coast path. 

The first climb onto the headland was a fair pull, seeing the top and the views was great before you realised you had to run steep down before an even steeper climb back up.  The climbs were well worth it with us being presented with a panoramic view of the coast.  From here it was mostly a downhill run back to the beach where, because the tide was now far enough out, we had a longer beach run around a cove before crossing the sand back to the finish. All in all an amazing run, well organised and marshalled, worth a look next year if you fancy a bit of trails and views, but dont expect to compare your race time with a flat city 10k 😀