I’ve always been active since I was a little girl, running around constantly 🙂 Why walk when you can run 🙂 

Grew up in a Christian home and used to that praying for the sick was normal.

Little did I know that my own parents would desperately pray for me early in the morning of October 1st 2005. 

We can’t always explain why things come against us in life but I’ve learned not to blame God, who is not the one causing all the problems around the world.

As I crossed a busy village road in Tintagel I was hit by a Range Rover, in 30 m/h. I flew on top of the front window and hit the ground hard on my head. My dad and mum was visiting me at the time and dad saw the whole incident and rushed towards me. I was instantly unconscious and had a dream. I dreamed I was standing by the road seeing a car with lots of dents on it driving by but I was completely fine.

As I woke up my dad kept reassuring me I was going to be fine and that God had a plan for my life. My body was in shock and I was unable to move at all. As the doctors came and checked every limb, they said I had broken my hips, my kneecaps had moved and my neck was severely damaged. People who were watching nearby started praying for me. Mum kept praying on the way to the hospital and after several x-rays the doctor comes out shaking his head in complete wonder and says, you have no broken bones, nothing is wrong with you, we just need to stitch up your head and you can go home. 

This was my miracle and my life was saved instantly but my hips, knees and neck was healed on the way to the hospital. The doctors were so marvelled that I was still alive after the huge impact by the Range Rover that they had a whole team of young doctors examining me to see this wonder that had happened. Even the doctor couldn’t explain and came to a conclusion that I had experienced a miracle. 

I remember thinking as I laid in the streets unable to move, will I ever be able to run again?

Well, if you believe in God, you believe and last Sunday, May 19th I finished an extremely tough Long Marathon of 29 miles through two estuaries, woodlands and breathtaking steep coastlines, called ‘Race the tide’.

Joining the Launceston Road Runners before Christmas 2018 has given me great coaching and moral support. A great club to be a part of.