On Saturday 3 September, 2 Road Runners, Jo Bailey and Mary Roberts, completed Purple Gecko’s ‘Saints Way Ultra Challenge’. This was a 28.5 mile run from Padstow to Fowey following the Saints Way path which is through woods, fields and quiet lanes.  The race is self-navigated and whilst the route is marked by pathfinder signs, some of these are missing or overgrown so you do have to have your wits about you at all times. Purple Gecko provide a paper map and a GPS tracker, so if you should venture a few miles off course, they will send out a vehicle to pick you up and drop you back on route. They also send you a GPX file of the route beforehand so if your watch can upload maps, that is really useful and saved many a wrong turn. 

This is a really friendly race where you chat along with anyone you are running near at the time. The route is really beautiful and includes a little nip up Helmans Tor in the middle.  The three feed stations are really well stocked – sandwiches, nuts, vegan savoury food, fruit, sweets and selection of drinks. When you finish you can relax in the town hall where endless tea/coffee was available plus biscuits, nuts and crisps are available. Plus if you parked at Padstow, they offer a minibus service back there. This is quite an accessible ultra race, so it’s a good one to do if you have never done one before, and as a bonus, the medal is huge!

If anyone has an event such as this planned and wants a training plan, please remember that our coaches Kevin, Jaine and Mary are happy to provide one for you for free.